Steps to Registering a Trademark

If you are thinking about registering a trademark there are a few things you must consider first. For example, you need to know when it is the right time for doing so and why you are doing so. To begin with, the trademark is not the company name. Trademark is the brand of something that your company is able to produced.

Besides, you should know that according to trademark law, if you sell a product or service under a brand, you can claim it without registering. All you have to do to have the right of claiming, is using the bran with the TM symbol and once your trademark is registered, you will be able to include the R symbol.

The law is limited to geographic locations, but it is always a good idea to get your trademark registered as long as you do the proper researches so as to know if you are not infringing a brand of another company exposing yourself to legal risks.

If you are thinking of registering your company as well, you can do both things simultaneously and register the trademark of your company. It is a rather quick process. If you do not feel ready yet, you can fill an Intent To Use Form.

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